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Bilquis Sheikh
Updated edition with new material. The book tells of the journey of discovery which began when a Muslim woman turned from the Qur'an and started reading the Bible. It is an enthralling story of faith and courage in the face of danger and difficulty. This best selling classic now contains new mat... (more)
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Bilquis Sheikh / Sarah Williams
These captivating books demonstrate a profound truth: God speaks clearly when the needs are great... and he gives the courage to do what he says. Bilquis Sheikh was a Pakistani woman of noble birth. Searching in the Koran for the peace that eluded her, she found references to the prophet Jesus. S... (more)
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Ridley Hall
A team of students in training for the ministry write the reflections around a particular theme, and the staff of Ridley ensure theological depth and accuracy. This year's reflections is based on Micah 6.8: 'What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbl... (more)
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Keith Hunt / Gladys Hunt
If newlyweds set aside time each day to read and think and talk together about the matters discussed in this book, they will enrich their marriage and nurture their shared life. Keith and Gladys Hunt originally wrote these 30 readings for their own grandsons, to share with them some of the things th... (more)
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Bishop Eddie L Long
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Derek Prince
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Al Denson
In his book I Gotta Know, popular contemporary Christian singer Al Denson provides serious advice on relevant issues teens face. Questions are arranged in categories such as Love and Sex, Friends and School, Family Problems, and Questions about God, Sin, and Salvation. Each question is addressed wit... (more)
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Patsy Clairmont
Patsy became a high school dropout, a teenage runaway, a bride at 17, and a parent at 20. But to look at her now, it's quite obvious that something has changed. "I Grew Up Little" is the story of how that transformation took place and how God can change readers, as well.