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John Wenham
Are the resurrection accounts in conflict? Argues that the resurrection accounts do not contradict each other.
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Easter Source is the only comprehensive collection of hymns and songs compiled for the season of Lent and Easter. Everything is included. Alongside the well-loved traditional hymns, is a selection of related worship songs and children's songs. Users will find this an invaluable resource with a ric... (more)
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Pipe, Rhona
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Flix Gillett
Written and illustrated by artist Flix Gillett, this bright and colourful (visual attached) A4 activity magazine is modern and has an age guide of 5-11. The Easter comic will be in a similar style and format to the Christmas Comic. The Easter comic will guide the reader through the key points of the... (more)
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A classic Easter favorite -- repackaged in a new board book format. This scriptual telling of the first Easter is from the International Children's Bible, using only straight Bible text from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The pure message and endearing illustrations will help you disc... (more)
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Alison Carver
Easter! retells the story of Holy Week through song and narration. Suitable for KS2 and lower KS3, the music is presented using a range of appealing, popular styles. This 'mini- musical tells of Jesus' preaching, teaching and miracles, his joyful entry into Jerusalem and the events that led to his a... (more)
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Andrew Young
The civil rights movement and the generations of men and women who lived and died to redeem the soul of America changed this country and the world forever. An Easy Burden is a masterful first-person account of the brave and the foolhardy, the weak and the strong, the blind and the visionary, who fou... (more)
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Vicki Howie / Roger Mayor
For those young musicians in the early stages of learning the piano, guitar or recorder - or who simply like to sing! The stories of Creation, Noah and Jonah each contain five songs to sing or play from simple music notation. Alongside each story there are musical tips, simple musical terms, exercis... (more)