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Colwell, Jon
This book is a collection of lectures given at Spurgeons College, London founded on a desire to expound the Christian eschatological hope. Seventeen papers, separated into biblical, historical, and doctrinal and philosophical sections, cover a wide and varied field of subjects. This collection br... (more)
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Schlossberg, He
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Veda Boyd Jones
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Nick Fawcett
Nick Fawcett's prayers have long provided Christians around the world with a down-to-earth and challenging base for a rich prayer life. In this collection, he addresses matters that resonate with men, including: * work life * home life * sport * money * health This is a practical a... (more)
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Jenkins, David
David Jenkins' tenancy of the See of Durham was one of the most controversial in its history. He became known as the unbelieving bishop after his exposition on the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection. This is his autobiography.
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David Jenkins
In February 1984, David Jenkins received an invitation from then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to become Bishop of Durham. His tenancy of the See was to become one of the most controversial in its history. He hit the headlines as the "unbelieving bishop" after his expositions of the Virgin Birth... (more)
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Palau, Luis
Who is Luis Palau? Perhaps you've been following his international ministry with interest for years, or perhaps you've only just heard about him for the very first time. This is Luis's story in his own words.