More information on A Christmas Compendium
J John
Why do we have Christmas trees and what, if anything, do they have to do with the story of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus? When did the tradition of sending Christmas cards begin? What was so special about oranges that they became the favoured treasure in a Christmas stocking? Why do we have sto... (more)
More information on A Chronology of World Christianity
John Bowden
This volume covers the breadth of Christian history and thought from the birth of Jesus Christ in approximately 6 B.C.E. to mid-2007. Bowden, a theologian and award-winning author, editor, and translator, chose a unique year-by-year format organized in chapters by century, with people, places, and e... (more)
More information on A Classic Nativity Devotional
J Stuart Bell
The Nativity is one of the most vibrant traditions we celebrate today. Everything from fresh mistletoe to the Christmas pine tree is rooted in rich traditions. This year spend Christmas surrounded by the words of historical spiritual figures including Spurgeon, Chambers, Luther, and Moody. It's guar... (more)
More information on A Cloud of Witnesses
Michael Haykin
More information on A Comedian's Guide to Theology
Thor Ramsey
Armed only with a laptop and a rapier wit, he defends the inspiration of the Bible, the doctrine of total depravity, and the supremacy of Christ along with a host of other essential doctrines of the Christian faith. Packed with funny stories and hard-hitting truths, this comprehensive collection ... (more)
More information on A Commentary On Micah
Bruce K Waltke
In this masterful commentary, respected biblical scholar Bruce Waltke carefully interprets the message of the prophet Micah, building a bridge between Micah’s own ancient world and our life today. Waltke’s Commentary on Micah quickly distinguishes itself from other commentaries on this book by di... (more)
More information on A Commentary On The Apocalypse Of John
Edmondo F Lupieri
More information on A Common Word : The Undermining of the Church
Sam Solomon / E Al Maqdisi
In 2007 a consortium of Muslim clerics and scholars produced a document entitled A Common Word Between Us and You which was issued as an open letter to the leaders of the major Christian churches. This document was answered by another open letter from religious academics at the Yale Center for Fait... (more)