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Van Dijk, Kay
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Van Gorden, Kur
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Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Why do they so often seem to talk past each other when it comes to the nature of God and how God is revealed in the world? These are among the questions van Gorder addresses—the basis for potential dialogue as well as grounds for frequent misunderstan... (more)
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Van Haaften, El
A Refuge For My Heart takes us into the lives of Naomi, Ruth, Joseph, Leah and David, to discover how they dealt with circumstances outside their power and understanding. We see how the situations they had to face - loss, childlessness, rejection, loneliness - are still common today, and shows us wh... (more)
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Van Heeswyck, P
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Van Impe, Jack
Centuries before anyone could make sense of these fantastic warnings, the prophets declared that the mysteries of Revelation would not be understood until the Last Days. Verse by verse and chapter by chapter, Jack Van Impe, reviews John's portrait of history's final claims.
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Van Reken, Ruth