More information on Thriving Churches in the 21st Century
R Daniel Reeves / Gary L McIntosh
An innovative approach to dynamic church ministry through recognition of spiritual health and energy as the basis of ministry vitality. Using the analogy of the human body, Thriving Churches in the Twenty-First Century explores the ten interlocking systems that make up a healthy church body, such as... (more)
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R Doron
More information on Listening Carefully To Jesus
R E O White
More information on Apostasy Destruction and Hope: 2 Kings Simply Explained
R Ellsworth
As 2 Kings opens, we find the people of God divided into two kingdoms: Israel and Judah. Neither kingdom was to last. By the end of the book both kingdoms had been taken captive — Israel by the Assyrians and, over 130 years later, Judah by the Babylonians. It is impossible for us today to comprehend... (more)
More information on Forgotten Books of Eden
R H Platt (editor)