More information on Overcoming Fatigue: In Pursuit of Sleep and Energy
Paul Reisser
These pocket guides from Focus on the Family (5 Keys to Sensible Weight Loss, Overcoming Fatigue, and 7 Steps to Healthy Eating> cover such topics as the role of exercise in weight loss, obesity in children, the carbohydrate controversy, body mass index, the importance of proper sleep habits to prom... (more)
More information on Overcoming Fear: Women of Faith Study Guide Series
Margaret Feinberg
Grow in intimacy with God, overcome the fears in your life, and learn to embrace the fullness that comes with being a child of God. Overcoming Fear is part of the Women of Faith® Study Guide Series. It can be used for your own personal study or a woman's small group study. Includes a foreword by Luc... (more)
More information on Overcoming Hurt
Windy Dryden
We all feel hurt or sad sometimes, whether it's from rejection, betrayal or feeling used. But it is when we carry this feeling of hurt around with us over a long period of time that it can do untold damage. In Overcoming Hurt, Professor Windy Dryden shows that other people do not in fact have the po... (more)
More information on Overcoming Insomnia
Ray / Comfort
In Overcoming Insomnia, Ray Comfort, a former insomnia sufferer, gives common sense and spiritual help for a problem that plagues a large segment of our society.
More information on Overcoming Jealousy
Dryden, Windy
More information on Overcoming Negative Self-Image
Neil T Anderson / Dave Park
If insecurities and self-doubt shackle your soul, claim your identity and break free! The message of Victory Over the Darkness by Neil Anderson has helped countless people realize the power of their identity in Christ. Now this message is offered in bite-size portions that focus on various aspects o... (more)
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Steve Farrar / Mary Farrar
More information on Overcoming Rejection
Hammond, Frank