More information on Over 1600 Quips and Quotes: Preachers, Teachers, Speakers and Editors
H J Richards
1600 Quips and Quotes brings together the two hugely successful Quips and Quotes and More Quips and Quotes and then adds NEARLY 600 more to the collection!
More information on Over The Edge
Vardiman, Larry
What started as informal treks to the awesome splendor of the Grand Canyon by members of the Institute for Creation Research has grown into a popular excursion for many across the country, from all backgrounds. Dr. Larry Vardiman recounts his memorable trips to this "evidence for a worldwide flood... (more)
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Kendrick Brothers
From the makers of Fireproof, Courageous & War Room comes Overcomer a family movie filled with a powerful mix of faith, a twist of humour and a ton of heart. Overcome dares to leave you filled with hope, inspired to dream, and asks the question: what do you allow to define you?
£12.99  £10.99
More information on Overcoming Addictive Behaviour
Neil T Anderson / Mike Quarles
Addiction forges its own chains of pain and problems that grow with each day and seem impossible to overcome. If you, or someone you know, are a captive of addictive behavior, Neil Anderson and Mike Quarles have both a message of hope and a plan of action. Anyone can be set free from addictive behav... (more)
More information on Overcoming Anorexia
Hubert Lacey / Craggs-Hinton / Kate Robinson
Anorexia is a distressing condition that commonly affects teenage girls but also touches women and men across various ages. This book is aimed at sufferers, parents and partners, and points out how to recognise anorexia, and what to do about it. It deals with the physical and psychological features.
More information on Overcoming Anxiety
Dryden, Windy
More information on Overcoming Blocks To Healing
Banks, Bill
One of the most important books on healing and the healing ministry to reach the Church. From 30 years of ministering in hospitals, churches, and homes, Bill Banks explains why some people are not healed, and what they can do about it! Has Jesus changed His mind, or are there blocks to healing as a ... (more)
More information on Overcoming Cancer: A Medical, Spiritual and Nutritional Video Guide
Dr F Contreras
Combining the latest medical research, two generations of rigorous cancer treatments and a keen understanding of our genetic and spritual make up, Dr Contreras offers you insight and hope against today's most feared disease. Cancer is not the death sentence it was 10 years ago and Dr Contreras share... (more)
More information on Overcoming Depression
Neil T Anderson / Joanne Anderson
This newest entry in the bestselling Victory Over the Darkness series is a Christ-centered road map to recovery for millions of Christians who suffer from depression and for those who want to help them.
More information on Overcoming Doubt - Learning to live by faith
Neil T Anderson
Learning to Live by Faith This practical and encouraging book provides the comfort that God’s grace and guidance is present in all aspects of our lives. Neil Anderson’s message is for people who need help overcoming self-doubt—from past abuse that they received or inflicted, from the trauma of ad... (more)