More information on Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation
C Bartholomew (ed) / Mary Healy (ed) / Karl Moller (ed) / Robin Parry (ed)
Book Description ‘The Christian church confesses Scripture to be the authoritative Word of God, and thereby commits itself to seeking the inner unity of the Bible as it is focused on the one gospel of Jesus Christ, which the church declares to the world. Biblical theology is the name for the articu... (more)
More information on Out of Islam: One Muslim's Journey to Faith in Christ
Christopher Alam
This edition traces the adventures of Alam as a young Pakistani convert to Christianity from a traditional Muslim family to his emergent worldwide evangelistic and healing ministry.
More information on Out Of Solitude: Three Meditations on the Christian Life
Henri J M Nouwen
Henri Nouwen invites us to reflect on the tension between our desire for solitude and the demands of contemporary life. He reminds us that it was in solitude that Jesus found the courage to follow God’s will. And he shows us that fruitful love and service must spring from a living relationship with ... (more)
More information on Out of the Black Shadows
Stephen Lungu
More information on Out Of The Comfort Zone
Verwer, George
George Verwer is known throughout the world as a motivator and mobiliser. 'Out of the Comfort Zone' should only be read by those who are willing to accept God's grace, catch His vision and respond with action in the world of mission. Reading this book could seriously change your attitude! George Ve... (more)
More information on Out of The Comfort Zone: Is Your God Too Nice?
R. T Kendall
This is a book of great importance to the 21st century. It will challenge and unsettle, and will be presented as essential reading for all Christians. This book is designed to inspire, encourage and challenge us to seek God's greater annointing.
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Mason, Phil (Ch