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Steve Cattell / Lindy Greaves
The dramatic, life changing story of Britain's most prolific criminal. From an early age, Steve is passionate about stealing and breaking in to houses. Soon he is addicted to the criminal way of life. After twenty-four years behind bars with his third marriage about to fall apart, his closes... (more)
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Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson in his clear and often amusing style shows us clearly that the Son Of God loved and trusted the Word of God.
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Brown, Rebecca
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Matt Redman
Following two of the best selling albums of his career, Matt Redman’s latest album Unbroken Praise releases 15th June. Unbroken Praise was recorded live at the world famous Abbey Road studios in London, with an eager gathering of worshippers. As the writer of many of the most popular worship son... (more)
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The complete unbelievable true story brought to life in this two-film collection - including Unbroken and all-new movie Unbroken: Path To Redemption.
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Angela Hunt
"I'm beginning to think the island wants to keep us here." It was supposed to be an adventure. A little time off to honor the memory of a friend and complete a service project in the tropics. Do good deeds while getting a tan. But when a storm rocks their plans, five long-time friends from col... (more)
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Michael Babcock
With the 2008 election approaching, the Christian Right will once again be a major topic of discussion. Conservatives are concerned that America is losing its Christian heritage, and liberals are disturbed at what they see as the increasing political power of Christian conservatives. Yet both sides ... (more)
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Dr Marlene Hicken
Co-ordinated by Dr Marlene Hickin, the book looks at the church’s track record in facing reality and offers positive steps to forgiveness, healing and wholeness.
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Jim Burns
Creating fresh, meaningful messages for teens is no easy task -- especially on a regular basis! Don't let your well of inspired and stimulating ideas run dry. In Uncommon Bible Study Outlines and Messages, veteran youth minister Jim Burns offers more than 20 ready-to-proclaim messages and 14 comple... (more)