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Alvin L Reid
Two-thirds of today's teens are interested in having a meaningful relationship with God, yet less than one-third of the are active in a local church. Alvin Reid--an experienced pastor and youth minister speaker--suggests that these statistics indicate that it is time to change how the church does yo... (more)
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Johnson, Nicole
Just as sailboats are made for the wind, women are made for relationships-and with both it takes faith to overcome the fear to let go and trust God's direction. In this final book in the Faith, Hope and Love Trilogy, dramatist Nicole Johnson creates a visual reminder that God is in control. Instead ... (more)
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Make the most of the preteen years to nurture spiritual growth for life! This 8-session discipleship curriculum helps you establish a strong biblical foundation your 9- to 12-year-olds can build on. Includes a music CD plus a CD-ROM with discussion questions, customizable forms, creative activities,... (more)
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Jean Lawson
Childrens pastors and teachers know the importance of teaming with parents to help their children grow spiritually. Children spend a few hours each week in church, and they need reinforcement of what they ve learned at home. Although wanting to help their children grow spiritually, parents often don... (more)
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Andrew Murray
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Cathy Marie Hake
Satisfy the legions of romance readers hungry for wholesome, Christ-centered stories by carrying Barbour's Heartsong Presents line. Each of these mass market paperback novels is a top-quality romance reflecting Christian values through realistic stories. Available in both contemporary and historic s... (more)
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Mark Ammerman
Kattenanit is a young brave who struggles between the law of his fathers and the law of his God. Taking a human scalp is the only way he can earn a wife; yet the words of the Great Book haunt him: "You Shall Not Kill!" He grows weary of God—until the mission of Jesus Christ is made clear by the rans... (more)