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Ken Ham / Dr Henry M Morris
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David Wenham
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Hultgren, Arlan
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R T Kendall
As readers begin to understand the purpose, promise and paradox of the parables, they will get to know in a fresh way, the One who told them. Why did Jesus reveal so much about the Kingdom in His teaching? 'He was building a bridge from the natural to the spiritual' writes Kendall. Dr Kendall shows... (more)
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Denis McBride
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Chris Leonard
We can learn much, not only from what Jesus said, but from the way He said it. If we’re to be His ambassadors, then we need to learn how to communicate to different groups. He told over 60 stories which make up one third of His recorded teaching in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Maybe yo... (more)
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A Bianchi
See the parables in a new light. This new release covers the parables of Jesus, Nathan, Ezekiel and others. Amusingly told, full of insight and great illustrations. You can read it from cover to cover or just dip in and out at will! This anticipated sequel to '10 Rulz' is an extremely useful tool... (more)
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