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United Pursuit
Following on from their popular ‘Simple Gospel’ and ‘Tell All My Friends’, United Pursuit release ‘Garden’ featuring Will Reagan and Brock Human. “Each track becomes a simple invitation to look. A one word prayer to call your gaze. Not just a passive act of simply observing but a call to recogniz... (more)
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Robin Jones Gunn
"Everybody has a story. You listen to that story, Honeygirl, and your story will come find you." Her Grand Lady spoke these words when Abby was just a girl, spending the summer in rural Louisiana, surrounded by an extended, loving family. She's been listening carefully ever since. Now Abby is... (more)
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Mossendew, Jane
Jane Mossendew's personal experience of gardening and spirituality has been carefully worked out over a number of years in this book of daily meditations based on a plant per day. Each day has a line drawing of the plant, a cultivation note, its history and lore. It includes meditation, suggested re... (more)
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Weeks, Noel
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Pete Lowman
All to easily our spirituality runs out of steam. How can we find 'roots' that will last us a lifetime? Where can we find an ever-broading vision of God? Jesus has a solution for us, ready to hand. Life comes to us as we learn to pioneer in his Word: exploring its unknown regions, discovering what H... (more)
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Baptist Union of GB
New Edition Coming shortly hopefully by end of May 2019. Although not a denomination with a liturgical tradition, the Baptist Church does have a considerable number of service for which some set form of words is needed - holy communion, weddings and funerals, obviously, but also thanksgiving and de... (more)
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Lori Wick