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John Ankerberg
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John Ankerberg
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Melody Carlson
A slightly overweight student deals with a treacherous slide into bitterness. All of Emily's friends seem so perfect. They're skinny and pretty, and, of course, are fun and flirty to boot. Especially Leah, who, as Emily remembers it, used to be the chubby girl in school. Now Leah is on her way tow... (more)
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Switchfoot’s brand-new album Fading West is releasing everywhere January 13, 2014! A new sound with the same intensity from a band who never fail to deliver on substance and quality.
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Russ Parker
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Neilands, Lynda
Do you strive for spiritual success? Stop it - right now! In a world driven by success, to fail is almost unforgivable. Even the church follows the pattern of the World in prizing strength and achievement, we build people up on pedestals, and then are dismayed when they fall. Yet God's promise is... (more)
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Saward, Michael
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Liz Curtis Higgs
Haste ye back to eighteenth-century Scotland, to a pastoral Lowland village where envy and heartache grow thick as hedgrows. A year has come and gone since Jamie McKie fled for his life and arrived at Auchengray in search of sanctuary and a bonny wife. Young Rose McBride, as fair as any lass in Sc... (more)
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