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Henry T. Blackaby
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Andrew Murray
Every Christian has been called by Christ to spread the message of God’s love and redemption. Andrew Murray addresses this issue and inspires readers to share the Good News with a lost and dying world. In Called by Christ readers will be challenged to recommit their lives to Christ, to pray more... (more)
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John Oak
John Oak, senior pastor of one of the largest Presbyterian churches in the world, suggests that the Holy Spirit initiates a certain amount of unrest and turmoil within the church in order for it to function as salt and light in the world. Putting it positively, lay people are the best and the gr... (more)
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Robinson / Wall
Biblical scholar Robert Wall and pastoral leader Anthony Robinson here join forces to bring the Acts of the Apostles forward to our time as a resource for congregational renewal and transformation. Featuring both careful exegetical study and exciting contemporary exposition, the fifteen chapters ... (more)
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Colwell, Jon
This book is a collection of lectures given at Spurgeons College, London founded on a desire to expound the Christian eschatological hope. Seventeen papers, separated into biblical, historical, and doctrinal and philosophical sections, cover a wide and varied field of subjects. This collection br... (more)