More information on Apocalypse Dawn (Unabridged Audio Cd - 8 Cds)
Odom, Mel
From the decks of U.S. Navy Carriers patrolling the Mediterranean to Fort Benning, Georgia and the dusty sands of the Turkish-Syrian Border, this new suspense thriller runs side-by-side with the Left Behind Series. New characters and situations are added to those from the already explosive Left Behi... (more)
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Dee Henderson
Gracie is a Navy pilot; Bruce works Air Force pararescue. When she is shot down behind enemy lines, Bruce has got one mission: get Gracie out alive ...
More information on Piercing the Darkness (Audio CD)
Frank Peretti
A thrilling audio abridgement of this top-selling novel about a young woman who finds herself caught in the middle of a colossal spiritual struggle.
More information on Armageddon: Left Behind Series (CD)
Tim LaHaye / Jerry B Jenkins
The biggest novel of 2003 will be highly anticipated by consumers worldwide. Only the almighty God stands in the way of Antichrist's plans to rule the world forever. Nicolae Carpathia challenges God to a final showdown in the cosmic battle of the ages.
More information on Protector, The #4 (6 Cd's)
Dee Henderson
Jack O'Malley is a fireman who is fearless when it comes to facing an inferno. But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, and his friends, Jack faces the ultimate challenge: protecting the one lady who witnessed the arsonist... Book number four in the O'Malley series brings back ... (more)
More information on True Honor #3 (Cd's)
Dee Henderson
Navy SEAL Sam Cougar Houston is in love with a spy. But it may be a short relationship, for the terrorists have chosen their next targets, and Darcy's name is high on the list...
More information on True Courage #4 (6 Cd's)
Dee Henderson
While FBI agent Luke Falcon pursues a kidnapper responsible for the disappearance of his cousin's wife and son, he fears the worst as he slowly grows closer to the crime's only witness.
More information on Unshaken - Lineage of Grace 3 (Audio Book)
F Rivers (Author) / A Lustrea (Reader)
Your God will be my God. It is with these words that Ruth the Moabitess turns her face away from her father’s home and idols, and journeys to Bethlehem with Naomi, her mother-in-law. And it is because of that determination, faith and loyalty that Ruth becomes the great-grandmother of ... (more)
More information on Divorce Proof Your Marriage (Audio Cd)
Rosberg, G & B
In this, the cornerstone product in the Divorce-Proof Your Marriage campaign, the Rosbergs encourage couples to take a stand against divorce and for healthy, growing, lifelong marriages. They outline the threats to marriage and offer building blocks to counter those threats, including six different ... (more)
More information on Absolutes, The - Freedom's Only Hope (Audio CD)
Robison, James
Our country seems to be falling further away from biblical morality every day, chipping away at our national integrity and cultural inheritance. This book identifies twenty rock-solid truths upon which Americans can build a national consensus and actually reunite as a people. By working in these are... (more)