More information on Mighty Fortress, A : Meditations on the sufficiency of God
T M Moore
God writes a lyric through our life. Through the means of praise and worship we can express our spiritual yearnings in ways that we would find difficult in everyday words or conversation. Yet lyrics to hymns and songs become dry on our tongues. What once seemed to express our joy with incandescen... (more)
More information on Explaining Covenants
T Marshall
The Explaining Series books have always been amongst Sovereign World's bestsellers. Now the entire series has been completely revised and made available again, with the first 4 titles being released in July 2002, and a further 4 in October 2002. There will be 30 books in the series in total. Each bo... (more)
More information on John Calvin: A Biography
T Parker
More information on Skin Cancer: Prevent & Survive
T Smith
The accepted medical line is that most skin cancers are caused by damage from UV (Ultraviolet) rays in sunlight, and could be prevented if we protect ourselves from the sun. This book covers: the suncream debate; types of melanoma - malignant melanoma, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas; signs ... (more)
More information on Real Teens, Real Stories, Real Life
T Suzanne Eller
More information on Making It real
T Suzanne Eller
If you've grown up going to church, or call yourself a Christian, you've probably heard every Bible story, and everything you're supposed to believe. But what do you really believe? Do you rely on a hand-me-down faith or a set of rules and directions in your head and not your heart? What does it mea... (more)
More information on The School of Christ
T. Austin-Sparks
“Are you moving on in the growing fullness of the revelation of the Lord Jesus? Have you an open heaven? Is God in Christ revealing Himself to you in ever greater wonder and fullness?
£2.00  £1.00
More information on In Understanding be Men A Handbook of Christian Doctrine
T. C. Hammond
Christian Doctrine like a precious stone has many facets, but it should also be seen whole to be fully appreciated. This book is designed to help those who want an over-all grasp of Christian teaching, and to show the main facts and points at issue in studying, particular doctrines.
£9.99  £8.99
More information on From Paradise to the Promised Land
T. D. Alexander
This revised edition of From Paradise To The Promised Land offers a detailed and critical overview of the firsat five books of the Bible, as Desmond Alexander considers origin and authorship, major themes concurrent within the text, and the historical and literary character of the Pentateuch. The... (more)
More information on New Dictionary of Biblical Theology
T. D. Alexander / Brian S. Rosner