More information on Guide to Short-term Missions, A
H Leon Greene
Dr. Greene gives us a thorough look at the challenges and blessings facing anyone preparing for a short-term missions trip. He uses his experiences from over 30 missions trips to provide the reader with a one-stop guide to make the most of their own short-term opportunity. Includes: - Timeline -... (more)
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H Madison Morris / John Morris
More information on How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen
H Norman Wright
H. Norman Wright provides practical advice and encouragement to parents on how they can learn their child’s emotional language, unlocking the door to their child’s heart—and vastly improved relationships! Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to talk so that both children and teens will listen.... (more)
More information on Key To Your Man's Heart: How To Understand the Man In Your Life
H Norman Wright
The Key to Your Man's Heart dispels the common misconception that men desire only surface relationships. Women will be led to recognize that men, too, want a closer connection-it's their method of expressing this that differs. Wright's breakthrough concepts will help women understand the way men sha... (more)
More information on Now That You're Engaged
H Norman Wright
Build a Marriage That Will Last a Lifetime "You must constantly fight to keep your commitment to marriage primary in your lives and resist the pressure to share that commitment with other facets of life. Your level of commitment is the most vital factor in determining the success or failure of y... (more)
More information on Peacework: Prayer, Resistance, Community
H Nouwen
One of Nouwen's most prophetic works! Written twenty years ago during the Cold War tensions, his message carries new resonance today. Every Christian, according to Nouwen, should be personally and collectively engaged in peacemaking. This means not only opposing violence, but resisting our own selfi... (more)
More information on Basis Of Christian Prayer
H P Owen
Before his death in October of 1996, Huw Parri Owen, the Oxford-trained Emeritus Professor of Christian Doctrine at King’s College, London, completed three books in addition to several he had previously published. Two of those three have since been lost; the third, The Basis of Christian Prayer, is ... (more)
More information on Do Yourself a Favor, Love Your Wife
H Page Williams
More information on Cruel Paradise: The Life Story of the Emigrant, abridged English Trans
H Speerstra
Cruel Paradise deftly weaves together the firsthand stories of men and women who emigrated from the Netherlands throughout the twentieth century. A skilled stylist with an unassuming presence, Hylke Speerstra brings readers along as he circles the globe interviewing transplanted Netherlanders in the... (more)
More information on The Glory of the Lord: Studies in the Theological Style: Lay Styles
H Urs Von Balthasar
Henri de Lubac has described von Balthasar as 'probably the most cultured man in Europe'. In volumes II and III von Balthasar shows the extraordinary range of his knowledge and expertise in a series of essays designed to illustrate different ways in which theologians have shared their work. What he ... (more)