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Tom Wright
Pandemic, Panic, Pangolin, Pandemonium... What are we supposed to think about the coronavirus crisis? Some people think they know: This is a sign of the End, they say. It s all predicted in the book of Revelation. Others disagree but are equally clear: This is a call to repent. God is judging the... (more)
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Shattock; Lampm
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Considering our understanding of the nature of time and how we think of God, here is philosophical discussion on the subject from within a Christian framework yet presenting different views.
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Keith Lawrence
Who is God? What does he do for us? How can we know him? Discover the answers in God and Us, and launch into an exciting, life-changing adventure. As readers increasingly realise the amazing nature of God, their personal relationship with him will become deeper. They will discover anew that he is ou... (more)
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Gregory A Boyd
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Ken Costa
Ken Costa argues that if the Christian faith is not relevant to the work place it is not relevant at all. As an investment banker in the City of London, Ken Costa has read The Financial Times and The Bible almost every day for thirty years. But there is a widespread view that God and business ju... (more)