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Shirley Williams
Shirley Williams explores the relationship between Christian teaching, the Church and public life in the modern world. A central theme is the way in which the traditional structures of pre-industrial society have been transformed by modern progress and, consequently, human beings have been distanced... (more)
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Byl, John
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Penny Boshoff
Bible-centred daily devotional book for young children to connect for the first time with their creator.
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Antony Flew
In this classic primer to the philosophy of religion, Antony Flew subjects a wide range of philosophical arguments for the existence of the Christian God to intense critical scrutiny. However, the rumour in some circles is that Flew - long-time advocate of atheistic humanism - has become a theist. J... (more)
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Roy Herron
God is not a Democrat or a Republican. Still he is interested in politics, as he is in every area of life. Roy Herron explains how Christians can participate in politics without compromising their core convictions. Herron draws on his experience as a pastor, lawyer, and state senator to describe wha... (more)
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Harry Lacey
Finding the Hero in Your Husband is an essential tool for understanding the Christian concept of submission-a frequently misunderstood and often contentious subject. Dr. Slattery combines Christian principles, her professional expertise as a psychologist, and personal experience as a wife in this in... (more)
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Henry Morris
Here is a thorough examination of nations past and present, their relationship to God, and whether that nation stood or not. It's amazing that God's promises from the Bible still hold true, and those nations which have rejected Him have ultimately fallen.
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John McCollister
In her more than 200 year history, the United States of America has had only forty-three presidents. Each brought his own politics, personality and brand of religion to the White House. While almost a third of them belonged to either the Episcopalian or Presbyterian church, others practiced denomina... (more)