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Steve Stockman
The Spiritual Journey of U2. This is the book everyone is talking about. WALK ON: The Spiritual Journey of U2 tackles the issues and questions everyone wants to know but no one has directly explored about the world's biggest rock band. Throughout WALK ON, author Steve Stockman mines the band's pub... (more)
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Steve Stockman
It’s the book everyone is still talking about. This revised and expanded version of Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2 tackles the issues and questions everyone desires to know about the world’s most popular rock band. Throughout Walk On, Steve Stockman follows the band from their early days in Du... (more)
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Steve Stephens / Alice Gray
When a woman's needs are not met within her marriage, she could be tempted to walk away and find emotional fulfillment elsewhere. With heart and wisdom, the authors share practical advice to women on how to reconnect with their spouse, communicate their hurt, and open their hearts.
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PBThis book, written mainly for those in their twenties and thirties, is on radical holiness through discipleship. A book about making disciples, about learning to follow the Way. Pete Gilbert says now we need 'to turn words into action, talk into walk to get what God has put on the inside of us out... (more)
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Stephen Holmes / Russell Rook
Jesus calls us to a life of radical discipleship. He invites us to follow him and learn his ways. This book provides 40 daily readings from Christians past and present who have walked that path with Jesus. Here you will find insight from: - early Christian leaders (e.g., Gregory of Nyssa and Aug... (more)
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The story of Moses is retold in 14 rhymes and actions. Delightful illustrations combine with the text and the actions to help children get inside the story, discovering God's saving plan for the Israelites. The rhymes stay true to the Bible text, sensitively dealing with the episode in the story whe... (more)
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