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Melody Carlson
I have to wonder–if the AIDS crisis in Papua New Guinea is so hopeless, what difference will it make whether Aunt Sid writes a good story about it or not? What difference will it make that I’m here with her? I ask God to do something miraculous for both of us in this third world country. I ask God t... (more)
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Baxter Kruger
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Curtis Higgs, L
A mysterious gift box arrives in the mail for Maggie one wintry day - it wasn't what she'd hoped for, and she tosses it away. But on Easter morning, the beauty of the rejected treasure is revealed, and truths about love, forgiveness, and redemption bloom in Maggie's heart.
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Melody Carlson
Based on Luke 6: 47-49, children will get a kick out of this humorous retelling of Jesus’ parable about the wise man and the foolish man.
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Paula Gooder
The third volume in the Biblical Explorations series from bestselling New Testament writer Paula Gooder explores a major exponent of the Gospels: the parables of Jesus. Covering every parable, this volume focuses on some of the best-known stories in the gospels, mining their meaning afresh today.... (more)
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Reeve, Pamela
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James Dobson
Children and families alike will enjoy the timeless truths found in Danae Dobson's Parables for Kids. Each present-day parable includes full-color illustrations and an application written by Danae's father, Dr. James Dobson. Based on biblical parables such as The Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, th... (more)
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James C Dobson
Children will learn about God through these eight contemporary stories by Danae Dobson. Each story is based on a different biblical parable and is accompanied by full-color illustrations depicting the story's characters in a variety of realistic settings. A message from Dr. James Dobson at the end o... (more)