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J.I Packer
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Brown, Brian
Taking a look at the man behind The Storykeepers children's animation series, this book tells of his earliest days of ministering to teenagers, through to the development of the Storykeepers understanding of the Bible and focuses on the intellectual and theological rationale behind the series. Of in... (more)
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Approaching Theological and religious studies. This collection of essays offers help and advice, for those studying in universities and in theological colleges. The first two contributions provide some general orientation. The next sketches the contours of an evangelical approach to theology. This l... (more)
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Hunter, Emily
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Alice Gray / Susan Wales
Families-especially mothers-are longing for more connectedness, deeper family purpose and meaning, and unforgettable treasured times. There is a natural hunger for finding and preserving the pure and innocent moments with their children-where first prayers and teddy bear picnics are woven together w... (more)
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Smith-Greer, Be
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Wanda E Brunstetter
Kelly McGregor says she'll never marry -- not after what she's seen her father do to her mother. She's determined to escape her father's overbearing ways and the drudgery of driving the mules that pull his boat along the canal. Kelly dreams of owning a gallery where she can sell her drawings and p... (more)
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Wanda Brunstetter
Life for Kelly McGregor is a daily drudge of driving her overbearing father’s mules along Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Canal. She dreams of one day owning an art gallery where her own drawings and paintings are on display. But these dreams don’t include marriage. . .not after seeing what her father has don... (more)