More information on James (Reformed Expository Commentary)
Daniel M Doriani
With 59 commands in 108 verses, the epistle of James has an obvious zeal for law. In his imperatives, James directly communicates the royal law, the law of King Jesus (2:8). In this commentary, Daniel M. Doriani reveals the double mention of God's grace at the rhetorical climax of the book shows tha... (more)
More information on James (Shepherd's Notes)
Dana Gould
Holman Bibles provides this extensive collection of study books that offers through but concise summaries and important information about the books of the Bible and Christian classics.
More information on James and 1 and 2 Peter (Ironside Expository Commentaries)
H. A. Ironside
"If lips and life do not agree, the testimony will not amount to much." The young Harry Ironside knew the truth of his own statement all too well. He began leading a Sunday school class in Los Angeles at age eleven, but stopped when he realized his own need to know God more intimately. Converted at ... (more)
More information on James Bond 007 (Connect Bible Study)
Damaris Group
A unique series of interactive Bible studies that equip participants to engage biblically with the popular culture in which they seek to live out their faith.
More information on James Chalmers: The Rainmaker's Friend
Irene Howat
James didnít think much about the rain and where it came from as he struggled through the storms on his way to church. He didnít even care that much about going to church, he did all he could to avoid going. But one little letter changed all that. You see, James heard of the people of the South ... (more)
More information on James Hudson Taylor Called By God DVD
Ruth Broomhall
The incredible story of Hudson Taylor is brought to your screens with this inspiring DVD. Watch how Taylorís missionary heart was formed and nurtured by his family as he came to faith and then grew into an unstoppable determined force to bring the Gospelís to the people of China. From amusing scenes... (more)
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More information on James Moffatt Bible
James Moffatt
Once called "the original modern-language Bible," Moffatt's 1924 translation began the ongoing trend of popular English translations geared toward the general Christian reader.
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H A Ironside