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Barber, John
"Here is a book which ties together the two great commands of God: the Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission. A practical guidebook for Christians of all persuasions." A quote from D. James Kennedy Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Florida. "Many Christians have forsaken social activism, ... (more)
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Edwards, Denis
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Echlin, Edward
Earth Spirituality is the most profound book yet published on earth spirituality centred in Jesus. The author describes his own experiences within the earth community from boyhood in Michigan, through Jesuit years, to the environmental movement in the UK. He relates earth spirituality to Jesus on ea... (more)
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Norman C Habel (ed) / V Balabanski (ed)
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Joanne Moyer
Based on Genesis 1 story of creation, Joanne Moyer uses the seven days of creation as a basis for exploring the aspects of our created world, how it is threatened, what is being done to protect it, and further actions that individuals, households, and congregations can take to live more sustainably.... (more)
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Ghillean T Prance
Ghillean Prance, Director of Kew Gardens, applies his knowledge as botanist and scientist and his deeply held Christian beliefs to the basic questions that surround our destruction of the earth and what we can do to change course.
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Gabriel Bunge
The Fathers of the Church, deeply-rooted in the Scriptures, have left us a rich treasure as inheritance, not only of texts, but also of manners, forms and gestures of prayer. Today, western Christianity in a special way, needs to rediscover the intimate union which must exist-in prayer just as in an... (more)
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Culver, Robert
A balanced blend of doctrinal, historical, archaeological and geographical detail on the life of Jesus written in a fresh style. Culver uses his skills honed as a professor of both Biblical and Systematic Theologies to present an all- rounded book that should be an invaluable handbook on the life ... (more)