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Youssef, Michae
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Walter Chantry
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Jim Wallis
In this revised edition of a highly acclaimed book, Jim Wallis charges the church today with limiting the good news of Jesus to private, personal faith. He calls for a deeper, more radical conversion that tackles the great issues of our time. He is practical and specific in spelling out what this... (more)
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Stack, Augustin
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Kay Arthur
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Riley, Linda
Beginning with the "love chapter" of the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13, the author uses biblical teaching and moving personal stories to show readers how to put their love into action. Then, building on the two great commandments, first to love God, then to love others, the author draws readers in and mov... (more)
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J C Ryle
According to J C Ryle, private prayer is the most neglected of all Christian duties. That is most unfortunate because private prayer is the true measure of a Christian's walk before God and "the pith and marrow of practical Christianity". To bestir his reader to the practice and privilege of private... (more)
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M Bankson
Each major life transition gives us a chance, Bankson proposes, "to name what we are here for." Using mythical archetypes, biblical and personal stories, she presents a revealing six-stage soulwork cycle to help us find our calling. A valuable resource for people seeking to nurture their spiritual g... (more)