More information on Heaven on Earth: The Temple In Biblical Theology
T Desmond Alexander / Simon Gathercole
The Temple stood at the very heart of Israelite religion and casts its shadow across Christian faith and spirituality. The Temple is the biblical symbol par excellence of the glory of God’s presence with his people. Any Christian theology that attempts to grapple with God’s indwelling of creation, w... (more)
More information on Above Every Name: Thirty Contempory Hymns in Praise of Christ
T Dudley-Smith
The renowned hymn writer Timothy Dudley-Smith offers 30 new hymns that focus on: the name of Jesus, His incarnation, His person and ministry, His life and teaching, His death and passion, His resurrection and ascension, His reign and return in glory. Timothy Dudley-Smith is widely regarded as Britai... (more)
More information on Faith of the Christian Church, The: An Introduction to Theology
T Inbody
Tyron Inbody has taught the basics of Christian theology for more than twenty-five years. Having seen over the years what issues and questions his students bring to class, he now offers this engaging, accessible introduction to all the major beliefs of the Christian faith. Meant especially but not... (more)
More information on A Theological Miscellany: 160 Pages of Odd, Merry, Essentially inessen
T J McTavish
Ever felt mortally embarrassed when all your friends are discussing the merits of "the 5 points of Calvinism" and you don't have the foggiest idea what they're talking about? Ever kicked yourself for not knowing which popes reigned the shortest amount of time? (First on the list is Pope Urban VII, w... (more)
More information on Preparing Your Catholic Wedding: Practical Considerations
T Jerome Overbeck
Prepared By a Priest and a Music Coordinator who over the past twenty-five years have helped hundreds of couples prepare to celebrate their weddings in the Catholic Church, this book provides in a few brief pages an extraordinary amount of practical considerations regarding such matters as: who make... (more)
More information on Retrovirus
T L Higley
Brilliant genetic researcher Nicholas Donovan has been an outcast ever since his patient passed away during experimental treatments. So why did SynTech Labs hire him? He isn't sure, but he does know that Christian patients at SynTech are mysteriously dying. Can Nicholas prove his suspicions without ... (more)
More information on Tracks in the Straw: Tales Spun from the Manger
T Loder
In a memorable Christmas book full of surprises and wonder, Loder offers 15 nativity stories and fables that bring forth an amazing set of characters, animals, and unexpected visitors who witness, in one way or another, the life-changing mystery of the nativity. Arranged into 24 readings for optiona... (more)
More information on Haunt of Grace: Responses to the Mystery of God's presence
T Loder
From the pen of one of today's most visionary spiritual thinkers comes a book of profound explorations on the mysteries and marvels of faith, love, and life. Believing that mystery is at the very heart of faith, Loder delves deep into the "sneaky" ways God surfaces in the muddle of everyday experien... (more)
More information on Wrestling the Light: Ache and Awe in the Human-Divine Struggle
T Loder
Loder gives expression to the depths and joys of the human struggle in these intensely personal prayers, complimented by six powerful stories.
More information on Consider the Lilies: A Plea for Creational Theology
T M Moore
“In the works of his hands God is revealing his glory and grandeur,” writes T. M. Moore. “So powerful, so undeniable can be the sense of God’s self-disclosure, that it is remarkable most people seem to take little notice of these evidences of divine glory.” How can we perceive and experience God... (more)