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Mackall, D
Go, Go, Fish! -the story of a fish with an underwater view of Jesus and Peter when they walked on the water. [Fear of the dark] These books from Dandi Mackall help parents teach Christian-based coping skills when handling childhood fears. Engaging art that captivates children. Full-color illustra... (more)
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Byrne, James
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Ganssle, Gregory
More information on God ... Any Time, Any Place: The Many Ways College Students Pray
P Bernecker
The majority of college students say they want to pray, but their busy schedules challenge them to find time to cultivate their spiritual lives. God...Any time, Any Place shares the how, when, where, and why of hundreds of college students from around the nation who recognize the importance of maint... (more)
More information on God 360: 120 Experiential Devotionals
Andy Flannagan
120 original and practical experiences to enable you to step into the thrilling story of God. Why do we still do devotions as if it is the 19th century? We preach about 'knowing God' and we learn experientially in many other ways. So why don't we step into the story of God, rather than just read ... (more)
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Terry Meeuwsen
Terry Meeuwsen, cohost of The 700 Club and Living the Life, issues a challenge to believers everywhere to exchange their safe, status quo existence for the eternal impact of a lifelong God adventure. This book was born out of an unexpected detour late in Meeuwsen's life that led her and her husband ... (more)
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Matthew Myer Boulton
This volume outlines a Christian theology that takes worship as its basic framework, as the occasion of not only an approach toward God in piety but also separation from God in sin. Drawing on Luther, Calvin, and especially Karl Barth, Matthew Myer Boulton builds a Reformed liturgical theology, main... (more)
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Linda Baker Kaahanui
Compiles many stories of God at work, using ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. This book shows how out of failures, weakness, and laughably meagre resources, the miracle of dependence emerges to prove that God is utterly dependable. It talks about lives ruined and discarded, being t... (more)
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Williams, S
Shirley Williams, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords and a practising Catholic, explores the relationship between Christian teaching, the Church and public life in the modern world, and sets out grounds of hope for the future.