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Global Action is a comprehensive study cours e covering the basics of Christian discipleship, with a part icular focus on understanding the Bible, knowing God, unders tanding ourselves and Christian mission. '
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Briggs, Richard
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William A. Dyrness / Veli-Matti Karkkaine / n
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This volume is inspired by the shift of the centre of Christianity from the West to the global South, and reflects the increase in two-way traffic between these two sectors, in an age of unprecedented global awareness.
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Janet King / Brian Stanley / Trevor Cooling / Margaret Cooling
Case Studies to Promote Thinking Skills in Religious Education, Years 7-11, Ages 11-16, P7-S4. A teacher's resource offering a new dimension to learning about and learning from Christianity in secondary schools. Explores Christianity as a global faith. Includes supporting CD-ROM. '...if this detail... (more)
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Mackay, N
"Mission is the raison-d'etre of the Christian church. Yet Christians can easily find a thousand different reasons for avoiding it. This book is an uncompromising critique of such evasiveness and should disturb every evangelical conscience. It should also fire us all to go and tell every man and wom... (more)
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Carl Raschke
"This is the best book on globalization I have read by an overtly Christian thinker. It complements and challenges my own efforts to discern theologically what is at stake in globalization."--Max L. Stackhouse, Princeton Theological Seminary The rise of the Internet and the proliferation of dig... (more)