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Susan May Warren
EMT Anne Lundstrom is running from her past. But it's about to catch up. She thought she'd escaped it when she moved out of the city and into the quiet town of Deep Haven. She certainly never expected to get roped into helping Noah Standing Bear run his summer camp for inner-city kids. Yet Noah has ... (more)
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Martha Peace
Just as the best coaches remind their players to practice the basics of their sport, Christian couples need to be reminded regularly of the basics of a Christian marriage. In a clear, down-to-earth style, Martha Peace and John Crotts provide these reminders through short chapters that couples can re... (more)
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Philip W. Comfort / Walter A. Elwell
The Tyndale Bible Dictionary features the work of 139 Bible scholars in more than 1,000 informative, in-depth articles. Thousands of cross-references enable users to find additional information and details about other topics that are most important to them. With hundreds of pictures, maps, and illus... (more)
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Tyndale Referen
The Tyndale Handbook of Bible Charts & Maps features over 400 charts and 200 maps useful to any Bible student or teacher. The pages are perforated for easy removal and fully reproducible for classroom use. This is the only handbook of charts and maps on the market that includes a CD containing full-... (more)
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Thomas A Noble
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Robert Anderson
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Sir Robert Anderson