More information on Giving To God
Mark Allann Powell
More information on Giving Your Child The Excellence Edge
Vicki Caruana
Written by a mother and teacher who has seen these principles work with her own family and students, the top 10 elements of excellence are defined. Parents will learn how to build these qualities in their childrenand in themselves.
More information on Gladys Aylward
Renee Taft Meloche
Gladys Aylward (1902-1970) had trusted God when she traveled all alone from England to the far-off land of China. That same trust enabled her to lead nearly one hundred Chinese orphans on another daring journey, looking for safe homes away from the war in their village. The journey was hard, but God... (more)
More information on Gladys Aylward: No Mountain Too High (TrailBlazers)
Myrna Grant
Many looked on Gladys Aylward's expedition to mainland China as foolhardy and dangerous. It was. On her own, as a single female she carried her passport and other documents along with the only money and belongings that she in a small briefcase with a teapot and a saucepan tied to the handle. Af... (more)
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Leanne Hardy
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Campbell, Glen