More information on Dealing with Disruptive Children
Sue Price
This series has been introduced into the Children's Ministry range of resources to provide short, easy-to-read guides on key topics. Their aim is to provide the busy children's worker with biblical insights and practical advice and ideas. Most also include discussion topics so that they can be integ... (more)
More information on Dealing With What Life Throws At You
Barney Coombs
Seasoned pastor and author Barney Coombs looks at how to cope with the adverse circumstances that life often presents us with. Even though no one goes looking for them, trials do come - and how we react to them will affect our spiritual growth and our relationship with God - either positively, or ne... (more)
More information on Dealy Deception, The
Shaw; Mckenny
More information on Dear Bible, I Have a Problem
Mike Coles
The book consists of 27 letters written to the Bible by a wide selection of individuals seeking help, plus the Bible's replies. The topics covered range from - literally - matters of life and death to more everyday issues. Topics include: having no friends, unwanted pregnancy, unanswered prayer, str... (more)
More information on Dear Diary
The years between ages 8-12 can be an awkward and uncertain time for many girls. Not quite a little girl, but still not a teenager—just in between. Well, author and teen advocate, Susie Shellenberger introduces a unique and creative devotional just for girls ages 8-12 in a way that is totally cool. ... (more)
More information on Dear God It's Me Again
Gail Ramsey
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything,…present your requests to God"(Philippians 4:6 NIV). We live in a frighteningly fast-paced world—a world that can confuse, overwhelm, and discourage us with its conflicting messages about what really matters in life. Between the media’s portrayal ... (more)
More information on Dear God, It's Cancer
Fintel; Mcdermo
Dear God, It's Cancer combines the hands-on experience of a medical doctor with the wisdom and compassion of a Christian theologian in addressing all the most pressing issues and decisions every cancer patient will encounter.