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Christopher Levan
Ideal for altar guilds and those who bake communion bread who want to make prayer and reflection part of their ministry. Bread speaks to us of our daily reliance upon a Maker, writes Christopher Levan. Perhaps more than any other food it brings us close to our roots as fellow creatures of Gods creat... (more)
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Weirs, Lynn
More information on Given For Life: A Guide To Motivational Gifts
Andy Raine
This book (by Andy Raine of the Northumbria Community) provides insightful teaching on the different types of spiritual gifts found in the New Testament. It majors on the 7 Motivational gifts as found in Romans 12. Taking each one as a character study it reveals the strengths and weaknesses associat... (more)
More information on Given For You: Reclaiming Calvin's Doctrine Of The Lord's Supper
K A Mathison
Is the Lord's Supper, a time of communion with our Lord and with his people, a high point in our lives? What thought do we give to biblical teaching on this sacrament? In this book Keith Mathison seeks to "encourage prayerful reflection and discussion about this now neglected sacrament." He introduc... (more)
More information on Givers, Takers and Other Kinds of Lovers
Josh McDowell / Paul Lews
This book bypasses vague generalities about love and sex and answers basic questions such as: Whatever happened to sexual freedom? We are not as liberated a people as we think we are. People discover that instant sex is about as gratifying as a sneeze. What is true love like? T... (more)
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M A Grisanti (Ed) / David M Howard (Ed)