More information on Sacred Weave: Full Score- Celtic Songs from Lindisfarne
Keith Duke / David Adam
The Holy Island of Lindisfarne acts as a spiritual magnet for hundreds of thousands seeking refreshment and renewal, drawn to the ancient Christian site by the sense of God's presence. Prayer, meditation and worship are at the centre of the island community's life. Keith Duke, encouraged by David Ad... (more)
More information on What Not To Expect
Keith Frome
Dr. Keith Frome invites us to reflect on how children defy our expectations, surprising and frustrating us. We need to embrace the disappointments and delightful surprises as the spiritual heart of parenthood.
More information on Blessing - Biblical Meaning and Pastoral Practice
Keith Gruneberg
'Bless' and 'blessing' are words that Christians—and others—use a lot. But what do we think 'blessing' involves, and what does the Bible mean by the word? This helpful introduction looks at what the word means in the Old and New Testament (and along the way explores what 'meaning' is) before loo... (more)
More information on John's Gospel - Exploring the Seven Miraculous Signs (Cover to Cover)
Keith Hacking
Miracles are a common feature of Jesus' ministry in the first three Gospels. Why, then, does John record only seven "signs", as he calls them, in his Gospel? John himself tells us that he selected these seven in order to promote faith in his readers, "that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, t... (more)
More information on Signs And Wonders then And Now
Keith Hacking
More information on I Do: Devotional Thoughts for Newlyweds
Keith Hunt / Gladys Hunt
If newlyweds set aside time each day to read and think and talk together about the matters discussed in this book, they will enrich their marriage and nurture their shared life. Keith and Gladys Hunt originally wrote these 30 readings for their own grandsons, to share with them some of the things th... (more)