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Harald Bredesen / Pat King
ďPreach to the people on this bus. But Lord, I canít! Lutheran ministers donít preach on buses in the middle of Manhattan! Theyíll think IímóDo it. Now.Ē From that life-changing day on the bus to today, stories of Harald Bredesenís adventures in the Lord have traveled far and wide. Who was this unas... (more)
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Joe Williams / Michelle Williams
When marriages hit rough spots, the men and women in them need wise and informed help. Through personal experience, Joe and Michelle Williams have learned what works and what doesn't in the tough times of marriage. Having experienced several divorces each before becoming Christians, Joe and Michelle... (more)
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Riggans, Walter
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Heather Fenton
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Maria Von Trapp
A warm and intimate look into the spiritual life of Maria von Trapp's famous Sound of Music family. In this best-selling works, Maria takes you beyond the thrilling story of her family's desperate and determined flight from Austria to her new life in America, as well as providing: A personal and pr... (more)
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Terri Whitaker
This is the story of Gods miraculous work through one indigenous missionary and his ministry in eastern India. It begins as the story of Yesupadam, whose name means Jesus Foot, a starving Untouchable boy embittered by his caste and poverty. He turns to communism, atheism, gambling, alcohol and gang ... (more)
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G.P Taylor / Paula Parker
From G.P Taylor, author of the international best seller Shadowmancer and respected author and jounalist Paula K. Parker, comes YHWH, The Flood, The Fish and The Giant. In a world where Children are probably more familiar with Harry Potter than Jesus, itís often hard to encourage them to read the... (more)