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Keith Duke
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Kenneth Boa
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More information on Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation
Ruth Haley Barton
Barton takes readers into an understanding of seven key spiritual disciplines and practical ideas for incorporating them into daily life.
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John Eldredge
By Brent Curtis and John Eldredge. Drawing Closer to the Heart of God. This life-changing book has guided hundreds of thousands of readers from a busyness-based religion to a deeply felt relationship with the God who woos us. The God who saves is also a God who woos His own to a relationship primari... (more)
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Lori Knutson
Evidence of God can be found in your fridge, on the street, in the fragility of technology, and in the flicker of a squirrel’s tail. The spirit of God is with us in both the happy and the sad times, in the kindest places and the darkest corners of the human soul. God is near us in our mourning and o... (more)
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Michael Card
Expand your definition of worship. Have you ever thought God didn't want to hear your prayers of complaint? Did you know it is okay to voice your concerns, your heartache-even your disappointment? The Bible gives hundreds of examples of godly men and women who cried out to Him. And God was moved by ... (more)
More information on Sacred Sorrow: Meeting God in the Lost Language of Lament
Michael Card
Expand your definition of worship. It's easy to praise God when things in your life are going well, but what about the other times? What happens when mountaintop experiences cascade into seasons of struggling in the valley? God desires for us to pour out our hearts to Him, whether in joy or pain. Bu... (more)
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Philip North / John North
The most enduring monuments surviving from the long history of mankind are those erected under the religious compulsion for the worship of God and the well being of the dead in some future existence. Such religious edifices have withstood natural decay and the misfortunes of war and conquest to be a... (more)
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Searching for a fresh way to pray for Lent, you'll be glad you found Sacred Space for Lent. Fill each day of lent with spiritual growth and inspiration from Sacred Space for Lent. Discover the rich, distinctive prayer method that has made Sacred Space so beloved around the world. Using a si... (more)