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Banner, Horace
The Amazon Rain Forest. This is the oldest and largest forest in the world. It covers a huge area of South America and has the most varied plant and animal habitat on the planet. When you read this book you will be part of an expedition and adventure into the heart of the rain forest. Read about... (more)
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Steere, O.
On a summer trip to Brazil, the Ringers stumble into a web of theft and treachery. How will they escape their enemies? The choice is up to you! With Choice Adventures, you decide what the characters do. You find out what could have happened each time the Ringers must make a choice--the kind of cho... (more)
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Mark Ammerman
Set in 17th century America, The Rain from God follows the life of Katanaquat, a mighty warrior of the Narragansett tribe of Rhode Island. Katanaquat holds to his tribes traditions such as taking more than one wife and worshiping many gods. When the "white men" with their colonial interests threaten... (more)
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Mills, Peter
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Susie Hare has called her setting Rainbow Eucharist to reflect the colourful mix of musical styles she employs. It may be sung by a congregation alone, by both choir and congregation or by the choir alone.
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Patricia St John
When her mother leaves her to go on a business trip Elaine is a selfish, spoiled, stuck-up city girl who only gets pleasure in pleasing herself. Will her mother notice the change in her, following her stay with the Owen family in the Welsh countryside?
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Peter Jeffery
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Mackall; Halsey
"Red balloon, Red bow, Bright red candies in a row. Yellow horn, Yellow hat, Yellow ball, Yellow bat." A rhyming, read-together book of colors and party treats-God's rainbow party! This little book teaches colors and builds appreciation for God's world. Plus, the final page has a surprise... (more)
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Jean Wild
Rainbows of blessing and promises of encouragement from this stroll down 'Memory Lane' with meditations from old hymns of the faith.