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Barry Hart / Denis O'Gorman
A musical version of Tolstoy’s poignant story, telling how the old Russian shoemaker, Papa Panov, waits for Jesus to visit his workshop on Christmas Day. Songs, dances, action and a sprinkling of humour are all combined in this fabulous musical.
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Lynn Downey / Stacey Schuett
A luminous story about the nature of truly good gifts, Papa's Birthday Gift tells the story of how a young girl learns that God's answers our prayers in unexpected ways.
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Viv Thomas
Commendations ix Acknowledgements xiii Foreword by Jim Houston xv Introduction xix Part One Contemporary Contexts 1 Paper Boys 3 (8) 2 Paper Boy History 11 (6) 3 Paper Boy Future 17 (7) 4 Paper Boy Identity 24 (11) Part Two An Invitation to Dance 5 ... (more)
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Colin Murray
Do you yearn to find the real meaning to life or an inner peace that is true? Are you fed up with wearing a mask? Is life really getting you down? That is exactly where Colin Murray was just a few years ago. He invites you to travel with him through his life while he paints a vivid picture, reflecti... (more)