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Oliver, Gary J
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Andy Percey
What does it mean for us to be a people who are made to belong, rather than simply fit in? Where do I belong? Since our earliest days, human beings have sat around the tribal fires and told stories about where we came from, where we are going, and how we belong. We want to have the answers to those ... (more)
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Randy Kilgore
Have I missed the chance to matter? What can I do to make life more meaningful? In Made to Matter, you'll meet Teddy Roosevelt before he was famous; Eric Liddell after his dramatic Olympic victory in 1924; William Wilberforce in his most courageous moments. You'll also read about lesser known hero... (more)
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Smith, Margaret
Margaret Smith invites you to discover more about the character of God by learning about different types of crafts and the people who make them. Thirty short readings are followed by questions to help you reflect on God's creativity in your own life.
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Tracy Groot
If there is a way into madness, logic says there is a way out. Logic says. Tallis, a philosopher's servant, is sent to a Greek academy in Palestine only to discover that it has silently, ominously, disappeared. No one will tell him what happened, but he learns what has become of four of its scholars... (more)
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Damaris Group
The world's best selling female solo artist ever; shocking and controversial, a sex goddess and blasphemer extraordinaire - Madonna has delighted and fascinated fans worldwide and continues to be a chart-topper. But is there more to this 'material girl' than meets the eye? Has she changed? Is she no... (more)
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Angela Hunt
The controversial woman with a past only one Man could forgive. A true love story that changed the face of history. "I was Miryam of Magdala, seller of fine fabrics and wife of Yaakov the fisherman. With my husband and son, I held a place of honor among my countrymen until a company of rogue soldi... (more)
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Charles Martin
"When Maggie opened her eyes that New Year's Day some seventeen months ago, I felt like I could see again. The fog lifted off my soul, and for the first time since our son had died and she had gone to sleep--some four months, sixteen days, eighteen hours, and nineteen minutes earlier--I took a breat... (more)
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Michelle Buckman
Maggie McCarthy is more than ready to be just a regular teen. Ever since her mother's death, Maggie has found herself acting as a mother to her two younger brothers and serving as the resident housekeeper. All of that changes after she rescues a classmate and rival from sexual assault and becomes an... (more)
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Dandi Daley Mackall
Maggie's Story Maggie Dale is stuck at a dead-end job in a podunk town in rural Ohio. Her life is on the fast lane to nowhere, until a stranger named Joshua comes to town and shows her that she can be a part of something bigger than herself. This contemporary retelling of Mary Magdalene's story will... (more)