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Mills, Peter
More information on Jake: Just Learn to Worship
Terry Young
Who was Jacob? He was overshadowed by his grandfather, Abraham, and eclipsed by his son Joseph. And yet Jacob's story stretches over half the book of Genesis, enabling us to understand him as a real person. From Jacob's perspective we can look at the struggle for success, the pressure of work, the s... (more)
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Strauss, Lehman
More information on James
Thomas Manton
More information on James - Faith in Action (Cover to Cover Bible Study)
Trevor J Partridge
This letter to the scattered Church is a practical, 'how to' book on Christian living. The study will challenge you to live your life as God intended! The booklet on James pulls no punches. He 'confronts, challenges and calls us to be committed to not only hearing the Word, but being doers of th... (more)
More information on James - Jude (The 17:18 Series)
Rob Wynalda
Why the 17:18 series? In Deuteronomy 17, Moses is leaving final instructions concerning the future of Israel. As a prophet of God, Moses foretells of when Israel will place a king over the nation (v. 14). In verse 18, the king is commanded to not simply acquire a copy of the law (the entire book of ... (more)
More information on James - New Testament Commentary
John Macarthur
More information on James - NIV Application Commentary
Nystrom, David
James, which is part of the NIV Application Commentary Series, helps readers learn how the message of James can have the same powerful impact today that it did when the author first wrote it.
More information on James (Life Change Series)
FAITH VS. WORKS? By faith we are reborn into the family of God. Absolutely, agrees James. But God wants more than justified infants; He wants mature daughters and sons. Faith is foundational, but it must be genuine, proven faith, evident to the world. James' exhortation is a challenge to Christian... (more)
More information on James (New International Bible Commentary)
Davids , Peter
This volume in the New International Biblical Commentary provides insightful answers for the modern reader confronted by the puzzles of James's thoroughgoing Jewish character. Davids demonstrates how the Jewishness of the epistle, including its stress on poverty and piety, stems actually from its pr... (more)