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H A Ironside
More information on Galatians for You: For Reading, for Feeding, for Leading (Gods Word for You) [Paperback]
Tim Keller
This book walks you through the Book of Galatians, showing how the Gospel message changes our lives.
More information on Galatians Thru Philemon: Putting Faith Into Practice
Mark Strauss / Robert Rayburn / Jeffrey Miller / J Hampton Keathley
Here's a commentary for the everyday Christian-not just the Bible scholar. This 12-volume series is designed for Christians of all ages and backgrounds, those seeking an accessible reference that aids personal Bible study or Sunday school preparation. The fourth volume to release (number 11 in the s... (more)
More information on Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians
Paul's letters to the Galatians, Ephesians and Philippians have struck an indelible impression on Christian tradition and piety. The doctrines of Christ, of salvation and of the church all owe their profiles to these letters. And for patristic interpreters, who read Scripture as a single book and we... (more)
More information on Galatians, Philippians...: Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament
Donald Juel / John Koenig / Edgar Krentz