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Bernard McGinn / P Ferris McGinn
Bernard McGinn's The Presence of God series is one of the most respected histories of Christian mysticism in print today. In this new book, Bernard and Patricia McGinn draw from the series to take a closer, personal look at the mystical vision of 12 great spiritual masters living before the Reformat... (more)
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Alderson, Richa
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Kroll, Woodrow
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Froehlich, Mary
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Children love the feeling of accomplishment they get from doing things by themselves: getting dressed, tying their shoes ...and especially reading! That's why boys and girls get so excited about The Early Reader's Bible: the Bible that beginning readers can read all on their own. The Early Reader's ... (more)
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Hartman; Oudeke
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Edward S. Little
An accessible exploration of the various aspects of call and vocation.