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Putman, B
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Driscoll, Dw
Daddyhood is about the opportunity to have fun, to remember one's own childhood, to explore the possibilities found in marriage, to play and to run and to dive on the floor with abandon. It is about experiencing with your child the wonders of the world, the ups and downs of living with others, the j... (more)
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Sue Edwards
Compiled by respected author and speaker Sue Edwards, Daddy's Girls is an eight-week, daily study of the Scriptures. This proven guide helps women learn that not only is God an adoring Father, but He is also worthy of our deepest respect and honor because He is holy and glorious. Includes a leader's... (more)
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James Robison
Robison created this book for fathers who want to relate to their children better, children whose fathers were never available, mothers who want to encourage their husbands, and sons and daughters who want to say "thank you" to the man who gave them so much.
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Nick Fawcett
This book is for those who want to reflect more deeply on the significance of God's coming in Christ. It provides readings, reflections, prayers and points to ponder arranged around five themes, one for each week of Advent and another for the week including Christmas. These themes, in turn, revolve ... (more)
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Hill, Stephen
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