More information on CAFE LOGOS YEAR A
"A Comprehensive and exciting resourse for 11-16 year olds". This fantastic resourse for youth groups is based on the Common Worship Lectionary, Year A, which means that what the youth group does ties in with what the adult members of the church are doing, but possibly a little more exciting! Each s... (more)
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Michael Lloyd
More information on Cafe Theology New Edition
Michael Lloyd
In Cafe Theology Micahel Lloyd invites us to travel on a journey from Creation to New Creation, visiting the Fall, the Incarnation, Resurrection and Ascension, and stopping off at the Trinity and the Church.
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More information on Cajun Hearts (Romancing America)
Kathleen Y'Barbo
Sit back and enjoy a peaceful Louisiana bayou town where three modern women come home to find heaping servings of love and renewed faith.
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Jerman, Jerry
More information on Calculated Futures - Theology, Ethics, And Economics
D. Stephen Long / Nancy Ruth Fox / Tripp York
Calculated Futures examines the ethical and theological underpinnings of the free-market economy, investigating not only the morality of corporations and exchange rates, but also how the politics of economics shape people as moral agents. It does this less by insisting on the unfavorable effects of ... (more)
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Jill Briscoe
More information on Calender, Lectionary And Collects
The Calendar, Collects and Lectionary of the Methodist Church of Great Britain, plus index and text.