More information on Houses That Change The World
W Simson
In this book, Wolfgang Simson brings to light what God is saying to Christians everywhere. Researched across the globe, the author presents the case for the reformationof the Church's existence. All who read it will be challenged in their Churching and have their priorities refocused in a life-chan... (more)
More information on Revolutions in Worldview: Understanding the Flow of Western Thought
W. Andrew Hoffecker
Revolutions in Worldview: Understanding the Flow of Western Thought traces the historical development of the Western mind through ten eras. It explores the fundamental ideas that revolutionized the way in which people thought and acted from the ancient Greeks and the biblical writers through the Med... (more)
More information on Martyrdom and Exegesis in Hippolytus
W. Brian Shelton
The early church presbyter Hippolytus crafted the church's oldest orthodox commentary on scripture with a motif of martyrdom to encourage church congregations during a time of severe Roman persecution. Hippolytus interprets the text through allegory, typology, theodicy, parenesis, and reflectio... (more)
More information on Sisters of Holmes County Trilogy
W. E Brunstetter
Enjoy the bestselling Sister’s of Holmes County series of three novels all under one cover. Follow an Amish family’s struggle through a series of mysterious misfortunes to a love-filled conclusion.
More information on John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor
W. Robert Godfrey
More information on Essential Truths in the Heart of a Christian
W. Schortinghuis
This book presents a clear explanation of the main topics of the Reformed faith. Written in the catechetical style of question and answers, the book is noted for its succinctness and ample references to Scripture. The forty brief chapters are characterized by careful doctrinal distinctions, and each... (more)
More information on Day by Day: The Notre Dame Prayer Book for Students
W. Starkey / T. McNally
With almost half a million copies in print, Day By Day is a favorite companion for students of all ages. This 25th anniversary edition reconnects a new generation with timeless Catholic spirituality with refreshing changes that create a powerful contemporary resource. Updates include the Luminous My... (more)