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Valerie E Hess
Have you been longing to learn more about spiritual disciplines but haven't known where to start? Through brief daily readings and simple ideas on spiritual practices, this book will introduce you to the core disciplines of the Christian faith. Rather than being another burden to an already full sch... (more)
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Valerie Flessati
More information on Another World Is Possible, Another World Is Here
Valerie Flessati / Bruce Kent
Valerie Flessati and Bruce Kent are lifelong Christian activists and this course reflects their passionate commitment to peace and reconciliation, justice, witness against violence and witness to solidarity. For each of the four weeks of Advent they give: A Scripture reflection based on the S... (more)
More information on Peace People -- who changed the world
Valerie Flessati / Pat Gaffney
‘Peace? Nice idea, but there’s nothing we can do about it.’ Peace People is for educators who want to challenge the common assumption of many young people that there is nothing they can do to change the world. It will help light the fire of hope and engagement which are essential for young Chris... (more)
More information on Meditations for Youth Leaders
Valerie Gittings
Filled with inspiring words and thought-provoking suggestions from someone who has worked with youth in the church for years, this book aims to be a welcome companion to those who give their time to the children who are the church of tomorrow. Ecumenical language makes it broadly useful.
More information on Bible Code Crackers: Moses
Valerie Hornsby
The famous story of Moses retold in a puzzle book. Providing many challenges for children aged 9-11, this book will help them learn more about people in the Bible. Light reading and perfect for holidays, this is a must have for children's workers and parents who want children to learn more about Mos... (more)
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Vallet, Ronald
More information on Heavy Rain