More information on Derek Prince - A Biography
S Mansfield
Derek Prince (1915-2003) is one of most prominent Bible teachers of the 20th century. His teaching and preaching ministry touched millions of lives on six continents and continues to be a source of inspiration and insight to Christians today. Derek was also one of the founders of the charismatic mov... (more)
More information on Saved From Sacrifice
S Mark Heim
More information on Celebrating Romans: Template for Pauline Theology
S McGinn
This book brings international Christian scholars together to celebrate Robert Jewett’s lifelong interest in Romans by reviewing — and significantly advancing — five fruitful approaches to Paul’s most influential work. The authors, all established teachers in academic and church settings, recogniz... (more)
More information on He Thar Cometh (BRS)
S Mowinckel
What type of Messiah was outlined in the Old Testament? How did various branches of Judaism interpret this figure? What did Jesus believe, and how did this affect his life and ministry? Mowinckel's study is still one of the most referred-to overviews of this controversial subject. 544 pages, softcov... (more)
More information on Mystical Language of Icons
S Nes
This lavishly illustrated guide to iconography explains through words and pictures the history, meaning, and purpose of Christian icons as well as the traditional methods that religious painters use to create these luminous, spiritually enlivened works of art. Solrunn Nes, one of Europe's most adm... (more)
More information on Old Testament Survey (2nd Edition)
S Sanford Lasor / D Allan Hubbard / F W Bush
This standard textbook on the background, content, and message of the Old Testament is now thoroughly revised and updated and takes full account of new research in the field of Old Testament studies.
More information on Restless in Christ
S Stockton
More information on Making Disciples: The Significance of Jesus' Educational Methods...
S Wilkey Collinson
Applies Jesus' model of discipleship to the contemporary church setting. This study examines the biblical practice of discipling, formulates a definition, and makes comparisons with modern models of education. A recommendation is made for greater attention to its practice today. A significant cont... (more)
More information on Comforter, the
S. Bulgakov
Sergius Bulgakov is widely considered to be the twentieth century's foremost Orthodox theologian, and his book The Comforter is the most comprehensive and profound book about the Holy Spirit ever written by a Russian theologian--perhaps by anyone anywhere. Bulgakov explores all aspects of the doctri... (more)