More information on Using Dance and Drama - Children's Ministry Guide
R Alliston
The expressive arts are appropriate ways to worship God and teach spiritual truth. Here are examples of how to teach children to gain the maximum from creative acting and movement, including mime, improvisation and the use of ribbons and flags.
More information on Faith that Endures: The Essential Guide to the Persecuted Church
R Boyd-Macmillan
This book stands out as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide on the persecuted Church today. In the foreword Brother Andrew says, "Once you know the facts your heart will be moved. You will discover new spiritual truths that will transform your own faith and witness." This is a book that t... (more)
More information on Purpose Of God - Ephesians, The
R C Sproul
Paul's epistle to the Ephesians is possibly best known for its description of the 'Christian's Armour'. The letter is a reminder to the churches in Asia to live out their faith in the light of the redemption unveiled by God. It is a section of scripture that has lastingly influenced many believers t... (more)
More information on A Walk With God: Luke
R C Sproul
Are you at home in the Company of Jesus? Through over 100 meditational passages, respected theologian, R.C.Sproul helps us walk with Jesus as a friend. Learning to live with Jesus at the centre of our world is the secret to a meaningful life. Jesus is the pre-eminent character in history - e... (more)
More information on Choosing my Religion
R C Sproul
What do you believe in? Whatever it is, that is your religion. Religion shapes your loves, ideals, behavior, and goals, but unless you’ve thought about it clearly, your religion may not be worth believing. Choosing My Religion will help readers in their late-teens and early twenties arrive at soun... (more)
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R C Sproul
More information on The Holiness of God
R C Sproul
The Holiness of God is an easy-to-read but challenging journey through history and Scripture that helps readers understand and live with the tension between God's terrifying holiness and his abundant grace. This all-time classic on God's character leads readers more deeply into God's presence, to r... (more)
More information on Scripture Alone: The Evangelical Doctrine
R C Sproul
In the twentieth century, the doctrine of Scripture became a particular focus of intense criticism. Some of R. C. Sproul’s most significant writings have been on the doctrine of Scripture. Not all of this material is in print, and no volume has ever collected his best writings on this pivotal doctr... (more)
More information on Truths We Confess Vol 2
R C Sproul
Theologically rich and biblically precise, the Westminster Confession has set the doctrinal standards for many churches for more than three centuries. Now renowned scholar Sproul makes this foundational creed more accessible to laypeople. This second volume (of three), covering chapters 9-22 of th... (more)