More information on More Profound Alleluia, A: Theology and Worship in Harmony (CICW)
L Van Dyk
Two questions lie at the heart of this rich, suggestive book: "What are the theological implications of worship?" and "What are the liturgical implications of theology?" Convinced that worship and theology are integrally related, the authors of "A More Profound Alleluia" show in practical terms how ... (more)
More information on Run, Shepherds, Run: Poems for Advent and Christmas
L William Countryman
The Advent season is filled with rich themes that have fascinated poets. In Run, Shepherds, Run, Bill Countryman presents a poem a day for devotional reading during Advent and the twelve days of Christmas. Readers will find classic poets they know and love, including George Herbert, John Donne, Chri... (more)
More information on Interpreting the Truth: Changing the Paradigm of Biblical Studies
L William Countryman
Using the model of "reading other people's mail," L. William Countryman proposes that we read the letters of the New Testament as an ongoing conversation between the text itself and the modern interpreter and the community.
More information on Confessions of an Adulterous Christian Woman
L. Hetrick Holtz
Confessions of an Adulterous Christian Woman gives women a firsthand look at the destruction of adultry and the pain of divorce. Author Holtz also reveals a God who continues to write His story of redemption, restoration, and reconciliation on the broken lives of humanity.
More information on 701 Sentence Sermons, Vol. 4
L. James Harvey
People can get daily truth injections through a very inexpensive yet effective methoda "the church sign. In this age of short attention spans and slogan-lovers, it is important that churches effectively communicate the gospel in sound bites. Each quotea "some from Scripture, some from contempo... (more)
More information on Divided Loyalties
L. K Malone
Tangled Middle Eastern politics. An insidious terrorist agenda. And secrets that may kill a woman and destroy a nation. International diplomats are nearing an unprecedented Arab-Israeli peace accord with one disaster lurking in the darkness—the Sword of Islam. As one of the world’s most feared ... (more)
More information on Stone Crossings: Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places
L. L. Barkat
Laura Barkat journeyed through a very difficult and abusive childhood to find Christ. Each chapter in this book offers a different sign of grace. Along with vignettes from her life, Barkat explores key Scripture as well as books, movies and other ideas that tie in with each phase of her spiritual gr... (more)
More information on Role of a Lifetime: Your Part in God's Story
L. Secrest McDowell
The idea of embracing one’s own unique role in the greater story of God’s kingdom is passionately played to the fullest in Role of a Lifetime.
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La Due, William