More information on NICOT Book of Proverbs, Chapters 1-15
B Waltke
Over twenty-five years in the making, this much-anticipated commentary promises to be the standard study of Proverbs for years to come. Written by eminent Old Testament scholar Bruce Waltke, this two-volume commentary is unquestionably the most comprehensive work on Proverbs available. Grounded i... (more)
More information on Christ Within Me: Prayers and Meditations from the Anglo-Saxon Traditi
B Ward
From the rich tradition of the Anglo-Saxon Church of the sixth, seventh, and eighth centuries, Benedicta Ward has selected prayers and passages for meditation from both Latin and Anglo-Saxon sources. The mixture of Latin and Celtic Christian cultures, distilled and appropriated by the Germanic Anglo... (more)
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B. A. Ramsottom
More information on Some Things You Just Have To Live With- Musings on Middle Age
B. Cawthorne Crafton
For those navigating the turbulent waters of middle life, Crafton explores the "spilled milk" of lives, the physical changes bodies endure, and the new and energizing purpose one can discover by plunging into a deepened relationship with God.
More information on The Greek New Testament with Dictionary
B. F. Westcott / F. J. A. Hort
More information on The Best Way Out Is Always Through
B. J. Gallagher
The Power of Perseverance! We all have doubts, fears and disappointments in our lives. During those times, we look for shots of inspiration and encouragement to get us through. That's what this little book is all about! This book has 9 inspirational stories, 8 poems and numerous quotes. It is a ... (more)
More information on Cadence
B. J. Hoff
Cadence reunites us with Andrew Carmichael, an inner city physician, and his partner in practice, Bethany Cole, one of the first female physicians in America, who share a desire to serve the poor with their healing skills and with love. As the story continues, they discover that they share more than... (more)
More information on Suffering Servant, the
B. Janowski / P. Stuhlmacher
More information on Journey To Love, The
Bacher, June M